About Life Design Financial

Based in Orange County, California, Life Design Financial is a full-service financial advisory firm with more than 20 years of experience. Founder Scott K. Warner is an Investment Adviser Representative. Scott offers his clients a wealth of experience in investments, retirement planning, wealth accumulation, insurance and tax and estate planning. He tailors his service to align your personal and professional goals with your financial goals.

Our Values

At Life Design Financial, Scott and his team design a customized financial plan, or financial road map, which aligns your personal and professional goals with your financial goals. We do that through these tenets:  Trust, Innovation, Legacy, Life Balance and Success.

Trust – We strive to gain the trust and confidence of our clients from our first conversation. We will take time to get to know you, to understand your goals and to position you to pursue those goals. We’ll do so with honesty and integrity, and we’ll deliver on our promises to you.

Innovation – As we create your personal financial plan, we’ll use creativity and a positive attitude while considering different ideas and avenues to help you pursue your goals. Instead of pitching the latest products, we will develop our business around innovative strategies that fit your specific needs.

Legacy – Through education and experience, we will provide our clients with the information needed to help provide a successful, long-term financial future for themselves, their families and future generations.

Life Balance – We believe that hard work deserves to be rewarded, personally and professionally. To help you work towards that, we work hard at Life Design Financial as well as within the community. We also enjoy our success by spending time with our families, and strive to provide opportunities for you to do the same with a solid financial plan to carry you into the future.

Success – We are successful only when you are successful. Our commitment to you is to help you grow and maintain your wealth, working towards your goals for the future. Our goal is to attain that success through passion, integrity and honesty in our day-to-day operations. 

How We’re Different

At Life Design Financial, financial planning is not only about purchasing the latest financial products on the market or about following advice from economic experts or Wall Street advisors. Our advice and planning is based solely on what is right for you and your family. It’s about establishing and committing to goals and taking the time to create a safe, secure financial approach that can meet your individual needs including your time line and risk tolerance.

We will take the time to understand what the financial market place is doing and how it affects you. We’ll also inform you so that you understand your options and risks, and we’ll help you make well-informed decisions about your future.

We’ll share financial advice with you, advice we follow ourselves. At the same time, we will operate transparently, explaining how we are compensated for our services and pointing out any hidden fees or potential losses that you will want to avoid.

At Life Design Financial, you will receive the type of financial advice and investment management that you deserve after years of hard work. We'll help you as you work towards your financial goals and develop a strategy designed to help preserve your assets so they are there when you need them most.

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