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At Life Design Financial, we help empower individuals, families and organizations to work towards their financial goals by developing strategies consistent with their core values and beliefs. Our first step with every client is to achieve clarity – to understand who you are, how you think, how you live (or operate) and what you value. Once we understand what drives and motivates you, we recommend the products and services that best align with your specific needs.

Focused Financial Planning
For clients who want assistance with just one aspect of their financial planning, this service includes a consultation, an annual review and email, telephone calls or meetings as needed.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
Our most extensive service thoroughly evaluates your complete financial situation. We gather all relevant information, analyze your needs and examine options and alternatives with you, keeping in mind both your goals and your convictions concerning money.

Investment Management
By using investment strategies to hopefully work in both upticks and downturns we design client portfolios to potentially withstand the daily and yearly fluctuations in the market.

Legacy Estate Planning™
This proprietary system helps you to discover your deepest values, convictions and objectives relative to your money, expressing them in a concise “Family Financial Philosophy” mission statement that is used to direct the planning process. The ultimate goals of this powerful, yet simple process are to help attain your financial independence and allow you to control your perpetual legacies to your family and community.

The Quadrant Living Experience™ (QLE)
This one-of-a-kind process works with you to identify and optimize all of your assets: your relationships, core beliefs, life experience, contribution to community and finances. The Quadrant Living Experience™ examines the accumulated wealth of one’s life today as well as tomorrow. This is not limited to merely financial gain but incorporates every facet of wealth. Step by step, you will potentially gain control of your financial destiny; enjoy the power of choice as it pertains to your time, talent and treasure; share your wisdom and instill your values and beliefs with your heirs. When implementing this system to its desired result, you will ultimately create a holistic, social, moral and financial legacy that will benefit generations well beyond your lifetime.

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